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Exocrisis Blue
The stories of Exocrisis Blue are hard military SF with an anime mecha element in them.  Both military SF fans and anime fans should enjoy these stories as they are set in a rich alternate future world with realistic combat between battlefield mecha.  If mecha are to be feasible they must have certain advantages and must be able to survive in a modern combat environment, something that I believe I have achieved.  As one reader on Reddit put it, "I very much like the fact that they're not win-all save-all Gundam Wing bots, they're strong, but can be killed." 

December 12, 2013.  I have completed writing Neo Ace, the draft chapters will be available on Wattpad until the ebook is published on Amazon.  The publication date is sometime in January or February 2014.  Stay tuned for more info!  It has taken me a year to write this in my spare time, so if you have a chance, check it out when it is published.

What is Neo Ace about?
Mayumi and Jake are cadets at the Neo-Ace Academy where they are part of a new generation of combat pilots on robotic units called HARMs. They are being trained to be the best pilots ever on the newest machines. HARM robots and their advanced weaponry saved humanity in the Alien War against the Blue Newts. It has been 17 years since the end of that brutal war that changed the geopolitical face of the world. The invading Newts are here to stay in the territories they won. New alliances have sprung up and the world is now at an uneasy peace. These cadets will become involved in a crisis that will engulf the world.

Neo Ace was originally envisioned as the main story for Exocrisis Blue, but I ended up writing HARM and Raid on Kahamba first.  Neo Ace is the first of two short novels but with a self-contained story arc.  The second novel, to be named will require Neo Ace to be read first as it builds on it.

Read the draft at Wattpad for free (they also have apps for Iphone/Android).  If you like it, please leave a comment there or better yet, give it a vote.

I have received good reviews on Amazon and on Goodreads which is a great thing for an indie author.  Currently, I am writing Exocrisis Blue: Neo-Ace, a short novel that will continue building the future history of Exocrisis Blue with more political intrigue, mecha technology advances, and exciting combat action.  So stay tuned and try my books on Amazon!  I appreciate your support if you purchase a copy as it is a strong vote of confidence.

My Ebooks Available on Amazon

(a followup novella to HARM)

This is the second story set in the Exocrisis Blue universe and takes place ten years after the first story HARM.   It is an independent story that can be enjoyed on its own.   A team of commandos and mecha pilots are thrown together on a hastily organized mission to retrieve an alien artifact from an African warlord.  Time is running out as various factions all desire the artifact.   Expect more mecha versus mecha combat, close quarters battle, and surprising story twists for the characters.  Raid on Kahamba continues building the future history that was begun in HARM about the use of giant humanoid robots  against the invading Blue Newts. 
"Futuristic action writing at its best. Very entertaining novella in the series..."
"... a wonderfully written story, with a very tight script, great pace, and loads of action. You get to see the HARM mechas in action a whole lot, plus regular commandos doing their share as well."
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(the first story set in the world of Exocrisis Blue)
HARM is the first story set in the Exocrisis universe.  This story is about the first use of the robotic HARM units in combat against the alien Blue Newts.  It is a standalone read that is about a very long battle against the alien invaders.  It also depicts both conventional units such as tanks and autonomous battlefield robots fighting against the very hard to kill alien war machines.

"A GOOD READ.  Stand alone short set in a world where humanity is being invaded by aliens with superior weaponry. Reverse engineering enables mankind to create new tech... HARM."
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(science fiction short story collection unrelated to Exocrisis Blue)
"Big Bang For Your Buck ...ideal for a science-fiction reader. More please, Mr. Lok."  A. Chow at
"Good exciting short sci-fi stories ...Good descriptions, believable characters and understandable plot, with credible technology. I enjoyed this."  Chopper at

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